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Produced by catalytic reforming and also by coal carbonization in the manufacture of coke fuel. It is mainly produced as part of the BTX aromatics (benzene, toluene and xylenes) extracted from the product of catalytic reforming known as “reformate”.




  • It is used as a cleaning agent, e.g., for steel, silicon wafers, and integrated circuits.
  • In dentistry, it can be used to dissolve gutta percha, a material used for endodontics (root canal treatments).
  • In the petroleum industry, it is also a frequent component of paraffin solvents, used when the tubing becomes clogged with paraffin wax.
  • For similar reasons, it is often the active ingredient in commercial products for ear wax (cerumen) removal.
  • It is used to remove paraffin from dried microscope slides prior to staining. After staining, microscope slides are put it in prior to mounting with a cover slip.
  • Printing rubber, and leather industries.
  • In thinning paints and varnishes, it can be substituted for toluene where slower drying is desired, and thus is used by conservators of art objects in solubility testing.


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